Vehicle Technology


MOBILE FREEDOM. Including for bicycles.

TRIGO-VAN - the user-friendly bicycle carrier for vans

The freedom to get to any place at any time: as natural for a van as a place to sleep. Thanks to TRIGO-VAN, you can now enjoy this freedom even more if you have bicycles with you. Instead of time-consuming blocking of access to the interior, with TRIGO-VAN they are out of the way in no time. Even loaded with three heavy e-bicycles, TRIGO-VAN clears the way to the interior. Wherever you may be heading next time - taking the bicycles with you has never been more comfortable.

Innovative operating concept and tested quality

  • Ergonomic design
  • Effortless swivelling of the loaded carrier
  • Lighting Panel with automatic folding function
  • Snaps into place automatically: This is ensured by the newly developed locking system
  • Swivel function with double stop protection
  • Free access to the rear doors at all times, even when loaded. Thanks to the 100 degree opening angle
  • Foldable carrier including fixing option
  • Designed, developed and tested according to the industrial quality standards
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Special and long-standing know-how in the field of load carriers
  • Made in Germany

Technical data

  • 80 kg load capacity for up to 3 e-bicycles, bicycles or 2 fat bicycles
  • Own weight approx. 50 kg
  • Suitable for Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen from model year 2006
  • Optional or existing trailer coupling can be used without restriction when the carrier is folded up
  • Tyre width for standard bike rail 20 - 80 mm, for fat bike rail 80 - 130 mm

Scaffolding sets

  • Complete system for 2 bicylces/E-bikes
  • Complete system for 3 bicylces/E-bikes
  • Complete system for 1 bicycle + 1 Fat Bike
  • Complete system for 2 Fat Bikes
  • All complete systems also available with optional LED lights
  • Shiftable bike rail (necessary to use hitch without restrictions)
  • Set of marker lights (necessary for vehicles with excess length)
  • Ramp for bike rail with 1250 mm length

Operating concept

The TRIGO-VAN can be unlocked and swivelled easily and safely, even with a load. The newly developed locking mechanism engages automatically and is lockable with an optional available lock.


The TRIGO-VAN has various safety-relevant features: It offers high-quality fastening options through ratchet quick-release fasteners on the bike rails and support arms. It allows an uncomplicated locking for the foldable transport platform. With its sturdy stop guard it protects the tailgate from damage.


The TRIGO-VAN can be swung open without much effort to have free access to the rear doors at any time. Even your heavy e-bicycles can be loaded easily and conveniently with the optionally available ramp . To remain flexible, you can use your towbar without restriction when the carrier is folded up.

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