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Rear carrier systems for vans

For more comfort with practical functions

Bicycle and scooter racks optimally adapted to vans

The compact vans offer little or no space inside for bicycles or scooters. Those who do not want to load and unload their bicycles regularly or who want to stay mobile when travelling will have to find a solution. With our rear carrier systems for vans we offer you an appropriate solution to carry your additional means of transport outside the van.

The rear carrier models are quickly and conveniently mounted on the rear of your van . They are made of lightweight, weather-resistant aluminium. When loaded, bicycle carriers lengthen the van, but when it is not in use, the platforms of our TRIGO-VAN and AGITO Top models, for example, can easily be folded away.

The most important thing when travelling with vans: Despite the bicycle carrier, the rear doors or tailgates should be easy to open. That's why all our models are designed so that they can either be easily swivelled to the side or folded away - or at least have a low mounting position. This gives you easy access to the van interior through the rear at all times.

All our carrier systems are suitable for bicycles, e-bicycles or scooters. Our model variants offer you the greatest possible flexibility when travelling. Up to three bicycles or two e-bicycles can be transported on one of our lighter bicycle carriers for vans. If you want to take more bicycles or a scooter, you need a more stable carrier system. Our scooter carriers for vans can withstand a payload of 120 to 150 kilograms.