Rear garage pull-in for motorbikes

Motorbike easier to load in the camper rear garage

Your motorbike or scooter is simply driven into the front wheel rocker on the sledge and lashed there. This saves you the hassle of securing it in the rear garage. You can safely load your motorbike without another person. With the help of the electric cable winch, your machine can then be pulled into the rear garage of your camper. Due to the round tubes on the sides, the carriage glides over the drive-up rail without any problems. It is quickly stowed away thanks to its interlocking individual parts.

Retrofitting no problem

Retrofitting in a van or on a trailer is also no problem.

Your advantage

  • Electric winch (noise level approx. 94dB)
  • Wired remote control. Radio remote control available separately
  • Curved drive-on rail, consisting of 2 individual parts, can be loaded up to approx. 370 kg
  • Front wheel rocker on slide
  • Loading height adjusted to approx. 620 mm. The motorbike can be pulled a few cm into the springs before loading
  • Drive-on ramp universally adaptable to other loading heights
  • Max. Rear tyre width 185 mm. Other tyre widths possible with optional components
  • Retrofitting possible on a trailer or in a van

Scope of delivery

  • 2-piece drive-on rail
  • Electric winch with wired remote control, pulley
  • Slide with front rocker
  • 2 wheel brackets
  • Rail system for rear garage

Ordering instructions

  • Please pay attention to the garage and axle load of your camper
  • Please state your vehicle data when ordering
  • Further versions on request
  • Make sure to state the tyre size of your camper.
  • Request datasheet
Rear garage systems

Rear garage pull-in for motorbikes