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Have you ever wondered whether a weight increase is possible for your vehicle? You are welcome to send us an enquiry about the extra weight with the help of the data on your vehicle. We will process them as soon as possible. 


Alois Kober GmbH Niederlassung SAWIKO
Ringstraße 3
49434 Neuenkirchen-Vörden​



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Checklist for increasing the weight of AL-KO chassis:

Axles (data from axle type plate, riveted/glued in the middle of the axle )

Wheel brakes (type of wheel brakes, stamped on the back of the brake anchor plate)

Type and design of the overrun device (stamped at the height of the handbrake lever, the drawbar cover hides the data of the overrun device)

Tension connection (type and weight range of the tie bars, stamped on the right tie bar in the front third). There is no type embossing on continuous frames!

Mounted tyre size (from the vehicle registration document or from the tyres, e.g. 195/70 R15)