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Heavy duty towbars

For Motorhomes with high towing capacity

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Heavy Duty Tow Bars for Motorhomes

Heavy load towbars in straight or suspended form can only be used for vehicles with high trailer loads. Special constructions mounted by SAWIKO


The D-value is an indication of the strength of a towbar. It can be calculated using the following formula:


D = G(K) x G(A) x 9.81
     G(K) + (A)


Where G(K) is the gross weight of the towing vehicle in tonnes and G(A) is the gross weight of the trailer, also in tonnes. For example, a Fiat Ducato with 3.5t gross weight and towing capacity of 2t requires a towbar with a minimum D value of:


D = 3.5 x 2.0 x 9.81 = 12.50 kN
    3.5 + 2.0


The actual permissible trailer load is based on the value stated in section 28 or 01 of the vehicle registration documents. Of all the given values it is always the lowest value that should be adhered to


The X dimension specifies the overhang of the mobile home body over the series chassis. When ordering, please specify the dimensions entered on the drawing if your vehicle should not be listed in our database. (contact us in case of doubt) If a tank, storage compartment or similar is installed in your vehicle in the area labelled with “Z”, please request a special dimension sheet by telephone.