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With 150kg maximum payload and capable of transporting upto 3 cycles or a scooter.


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KAWA II features variable design for panel vans

The new KAWA II aluminium platform rack has a variable platform design so that it can be optimised to your requirements. No matter whether you want to transport a scooter, up to 3 bicycles or e-bikes. With its 150 kg load capacity (optional 200 kg) this is no problem. Create the KAWA II that suits your needs.

The platform is enclosed, which means that the load is no longer exposed to spray water. The retaining arms and tyre chocks with the easy to use ratchet quick release are well-suited, e.g. for e-bikes. They are the ideal complement to the KAWA II. The retaining strap is removable to enable free access to the rear doors. This gives free access to the rear storage space. The wheel strap included in the scooter kit and the wheel wedges for bicycles are infinitely adjustable to adapt perfectly to your vehicle.

Integrated ramp

The ramp (KAWA II for 1 scooter) is integrated into the platform and can be securely transported in a space-saving manner. For loading, it is simply pulled out from under the platform.

At a glance

  • Load capacity up to 150 kg (optional 200 kg)
  • Net weight approx. 43 kg
  • EC type approval available
  • For 1 scooter or max. 3 bicycles
  • With integrated ramp (scooter kit)
  • Variable platform design
  • Free access to rear doors
  • Removable retaining strap
  • Retaining arms and tyre chocks with ratchet quick release
  • Fully aluminium
  • Can be removed without the need for tools

Your advantages



Funktion Kawa 2 Auffahrrampe

Loading ramp function

The flap must first be opened in order to pull the ramp out of the platform.

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Funktion Kawa 2 Auffahrrampe

Loading ramp function

The next step is to completely pull out the ramp underneath the platform.

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Funktion der Auffahrrampe

Loading ramp function

Simply fold the ramp down. The scooter can now be loaded with a minimum amount of effort.

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Kawa 2 Haltebügel abnehmbar

Removable retaining strap

Enables free access to rear doors

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Radbügel stufenlos verstellbar

Infinitely adjustable

The wheel straps contained in the scooter kit are infinitely adjustable. This enables them to be perfectly adapted to your scooter.

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Radschalen stufenlos Verstellbar

Infinitely adjustable

The wheel wedges with quick-release for bicycles can be infinitely adjusted.

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Technical data

payloadup to 150 kg (optional 200 kg)
dead weightapprox. 43 kg
width1875 mm
depth550 mm


As the user of a load carrier, you are responsible for correctly securing the goods being transported. The 2 wheel chocks for the tyres, the handlebar retaining arm and the 4 tension straps help you to ensure optimum load securing for almost every scooter.


Conversion kits

  • KAWA II platform rack (excluding front clamping strap).
  • KAWA II platform rack for 1 scooter – incl. built-in ramp, wheel wedges, lashing straps, eyelets (without front retaining strap)
  • KAWA II platform rack for 2 bicycles – incl. front retaining strap, tyre chocks, retaining arms
  • KAWA II platform rack for 3 bicycles – incl. front retaining strap, tyre chocks, retaining arms
  • KAWA II platform rack conversion kit front retaining strap for retrofitting
  • KAWA II platform rack with conversion kit for 3 bicycles