MOCA - the manual support system

For the rear axle with universal mounting

Our highly demanded manual support system enables the support of most campers. MOCA has a maximum lifting capacity of 500 kg per support.

Easily mounted

Two supplied universal mounting adapters are simply attached to the vehicle frame at a suitable location. The support (available in two lengths) is screwed onto these adapters. With the help of a plug-in system, floor unevenness can be quickly and effectively levelled out. The supplied crank is put on the drive shaft and the MOCA prop can be cranked down at a right angle.

MOCA Front Axle Supports

Our Moca front axle supports differ from the normal support by the standard adjustable cardan shaft. This ensures proper handling.

Your advantage

  • Lifting force 500 kg per prop
  • Protected swivel mechanism
  • Hot-dip galvanised prop element
  • Extended crank, 850 mm
  • With universal fixing adapter

Scaffolding sets

  • 2 MOCA props uni for 290 - 490 mm
  • 2 MOCA&Supports for 330 - 530 mm
  • 2 MOCA Supports for Euro-Chassis 280/290 - Front Axle
  • 2 MOCA Supports for Euro-Chassis 230/244 - Front Axle
  • 2 MOCA Supports for Ford Flat Bottom Chassis from 2003 onwards - Front Axle
  • Other Support Types for Rear Axle on request

MOCA - the manual support system

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