Motorbike tub model 3000

Easy handling

The drive-on aid is stored dirt-protected in the motorbike tray Model 3000 and is simply pulled out when required. The stamped longitudinal and transverse ribbing prevents the tyre from slipping when pushed on. With the help of the "Spannfix" fastening system, your scooter stands securely and firmly on the rear carrier. The lashing strap set consisting of tubular stirrup, extension arm and straps is specially adapted for transports on the motorbike tub model 3000. 

Your advantage

  • Payload 150 kg
  • Own weight approx. 15 kg
  • Carriage aid can be pushed into motorbike tray
  • Completely made of aluminium
  • Longitudinal and transverse ribbing prevents tyres from slipping through
  • Can be retrofitted at any time on almost all SAWIKO carriers

Motorbike tub model 3000