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Up-loading your caravan at AL-KO

For more than 25 years, we have been your competent partner as a chassis manufacturer, also for the uplifting of caravans. We check individually for your caravan which measures are necessary to realise your desired permissible total weight. There are numerous ways to do this, which you can read about in detail in our blog . Michael Duckek, Head of the Customer Centre at the Kötz location, answers further questions about the uplift of caravans in the Podcast of our partner CamperStyle. Listen in now.

You would like to find out whether your caravan is eligible for a superstructure from AL-KO? Simply fill out our enquiry form and the checklist. We will check your request individually and get back to you shortly.

Checklist caravan load increase

Reasons to have your caravan loaded up by AL-KO

More luggage, more comfort, more freedom: A higher permissible gross vehicle weight (GVW) offers many advantages on camping holidays. The top 3 when deciding on a superstructure:

  • Installation of additional equipment, for example satellite system, awning, air conditioning or solar panel
  • More luggage due to leisure activities, for example kayaks, surfboards or bicycles
  • Change in the family situation, whereby more people or four-legged companions go on holiday with you.

An overview of the different types of loading

You can find a detailed description of the different types of loading in our blog post. Here again is the most important info in brief:

  • Document loading: Purely a load increase on paper to increase the permissible gross weight without technical modifications. Acceptance by TÜV or DEKRA and subsequent registration in the registration papers.
  • Replacement of the suspension elements: Standard rubber cords in the axles are removed and replaced with better performing axle rubbers.
  • Replace other suspension components: Depending on the initial situation, rebuild individual or several components such as axle, brakes, shock absorbers, overrun device, cross member or other frame parts
  • Replacement of the complete chassis: The most comprehensive weight increase with the greatest possible weight increase.
  • In addition, it may also be necessary to fit other tyres and/or rims so that not only the chassis but also the wheels can bear the new weight.

This is how a weight-lifting with us works

  1. You can find out all about the subject of weight-lifting in our Blog
  2. You fill in the Checklist with the data of your caravan.
  3. Our team of experts will check the requirements and possibilities for your caravan and we will provide you with an individual offer.
  4. You apply to the caravan manufacturer for approval for the planned load increase.
  5. The manufacturer will issue a clearance certificate and a new type plate for your vehicle.
  6. Once the clearance certificate has been issued, you place the order with us.
  7. We order the specific components for your caravan and arrange an appointment with you.
  8. Our team of specialists carries out the measures for the weight increase at our premises in Kötz or at one of our other customer centres (LINK).
  9. After the conversion measures, your caravan is approved by the responsible vehicle inspection authority (e.g. TÜV, DEKRA).
  10. You have the new weight information entered in the vehicle documents by the relevant registration office.
  11. You start your next holiday relaxed.

Costs for a weight increase

Each weight increase is as individual as your caravan itself. Accordingly, as a chassis manufacturer, we cannot make any statements about possibilities or costs on the basis of the caravan model alone, but require the checklist filled out by you as a working basis. With this information we can determine which individual components with which technical features your trailer is composed of. From this we create your individual offer. For orientation: The costs for the simplest type of weight increase (replacement of suspension elements) start at around 1,800 euros, the base price for the most extensive weight increase (replacement of the complete chassis) is 5,800 euros. Depending on which components have to be replaced or installed in detail, further costs can be added to the basic price for each supercharging variant.

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Would you like to experience more freedom and have your caravan supercharged by AL-KO? No problem. Simply complete the enquiry form and the checklist through this link. We will check your request individually and get back to you shortly.

Our service team at the Customer Centres will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.