Vehicle Technology

Trailer couplings

For campers and vans

We have the solution for your recreational vehicle

Camper couplings are trailer couplings for "special vehicles". With our years of experience and a huge database of most European camper and van models, we are sure to find the optimal solution for your vehicle.
Our range now includes a large number of towbar variants. From the compact towbar cross member incl. flange ball to variable designs or even modular systems for load-bearing frame extensions.

How do I order a towbar?

When you order a towbar, we only need a few details about your vehicle. With this information we can then provide you with the towbar that fits your vehicle and the corresponding price.

  • Camper manufacturer: e.g. Dethleffs
  • Model/trade name: e.g. Advantgage T6611
  • Year of construction: e.g.. e.g. 2010
  • Chassis number: (helpful for AMC Chassis)


The towing capacity

Please note or check the permissible towing capacities of your vehicle (vehicle registration certificate 0.1/0.2, COC papers). Alternatively, if it is not included in the papers, a solution can certainly be reached in consultation with the TÜV.

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