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Rear carrier systems for campers

For greater mobility at the holiday destination

For cyclists, e-bikers, racers, off-roaders, scooter and motorbike riders.

Whether for excursions or shopping trips and walks: two-wheelers provide additional mobility and flexible enjoyment at your holiday destination. It's best to simply take your bike with you from home. With the innovative and award-winning bike and scooter carriers from SAWIKO, transport is easy and safe.

SAWIKO rear carrier for motorhomes

Safe, convenient and reliable

The SAWIKO load carrier solutions have been specially designed for carrying bicycles or scooters on motorhomes and set standards in terms of safety and comfort. The carrier systems are mounted directly on the frame of your motorhome, ensure a stable connection and make it easy to load heavy e-bikes and scooters.

Made from high-quality materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, SAWIKO rear carrier systems allow you to transport up to four bikes or a scooter. It is also possible to combine a scooter with several bicycles.

The practical, sturdy bike rails, which are universally suitable for almost all carrier systems, ensure particular convenience when loading the two-wheelers. Holding arms with ratchet quick-release fasteners and padding provide optimum protection for your beloved vehicle against scratches and dents.

Technical details and instructions for bicycle and scooter carrier systems

SAWIKO rear carriers are universally designed and can be easily removed without tools. Only the mounting elements are specially manufactured for a specific vehicle and body type and may need to be replaced when changing vehicles. 

Please note: The maximum payload of the motorhome depends on the vehicle make and model. To avoid damage to your vehicle, it is essential to observe the maximum permissible payload in conjunction with your vehicle.

Comprehensive product portfolio: SAWIKO load carrier solutions

Perfectly matched to your motorhome

From the inexpensive entry-level model to the versatile folding carrier system: the Basic, LIGERO, MIKRO, VARIO and VELO models offer the right rear carrier for every requirement.

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